About us

What is Fitness Młyn?

Fitness Młyn is a certain vision, passion, dream, a kind of energy that carries Us creating this place and You discovering it for yourself.

Młyn is more a way of living than an idea for earning money. It was created out of passion for movement, love for people, and the joy of experiencing this extraordinary energy that is created here.

We want it to be more of an element of your life than another service you consume. We strive to make the movement that you practice with us become the source of your happiness, strength in the body and peace in the soul.

Who is MaMaKle?

MaMaKle is a friendship, a unique bond that lasts not because we once founded a company, but because we want to Do It Together and Share It With You.

Since 2008, we invite you to our beautiful interiors at ul. Dolnych Mlynow 5 in Krakow.